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Requirements for Dogs

What vaccines are needed before my dog can stay or visit Paradise 4 Paws?

Rabies (one or three year protocol), Distemper combination (one or three year protocol), Bordetella (annually), Canine Influenza Virus “CIV” H3N2 (one year protocol – year 1 administered as 2 shots, 2-3 weeks apart)- Chicago Only, negative fecal test* (annually). We do suggest the Bordetella and fecal test every 6 months for our guests, but will defer to your veterinarian’s requirement. Our minimum requirement is once per year.

We ask that you have your vet fax us the proof of the vaccines and negative fecal test, or we can call them for you to request a copy.

We also require all our guests to be on heartworm and flea/tick preventative year round.

* If your pet does not have a fecal test result at the time of check-in, we will perform a fecal test in-house. There is an additional fee to have this done as well as a $25 per day special handling fee per day until we get those results. Also, until we have those results, your fur-baby would be unable to play with the other guests and would receive outside walks with a team member three times a day.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?

No.  We do accept intact pets*.  However, if your dog is over seven months of age, he/she is ineligible for playgroups and must have Personal Play instead.

*Please note unspayed females who are in season cannot visit Paradise 4 Paws during that time.

What are the requirements for group play?

To participate, dogs must meet our vaccination and preventative requirements along with our playgroup standards. Although we accept intact guests, they are ineligible for playgroup if over seven months of age. For dogs ineligible for playgroup, their day consists of one midday 15-minute one-on-one playtime and morning/evening potty breaks if they are in the resort during that time. We also offer  packages if you would like to add additional personal playtime.

What is the Personal Play program?

For dogs that cannot join in group play we offer options within our Personal Play program. S/he will receive a 15-minute personal play session midday with a team member and any other doggie family members. For guests who are in the hotel during our early morning or late evening hours, we will also offer a morning and/or evening potty break.

We also have custom play packages available for you to purchase if you’d like your pooch to get a little additional exercise. These a-la- carte services included in a package must be used in one day. Different packages may be purchased for different days, but services may not be spread out over multiple days. Personal Play sessions can include family members as no extra cost.

Mellow Mutt Package $15: One additional 10-minute play time per day

Playful Pooch Package $25: Two additional 10-minute play times per day

High-Octane Hound Package $35: Three additional 10-minute play times per day

Are dogs separated into playgroups based on size?

Guests are divided into playgroups based on size, temperament and energy level.  The group your dog is in depends on his/her size, temperament, and the dynamic of all the guests we have at the time of his/her stay.

Do you have any breed restrictions/exclusions?

We do not have any company restrictions around breed. Guests are assessed based on their individual temperament. If a city or county has local ordinances, we make sure to comply.

Do you have to interview my dog?

In general, we do not require an interview.  The registration forms ask for a behavior history.  If we have any questions about your dog’s behavior, we may ask to have an interview or pre-stay assessment.

My dog doesn’t get along with other dogs. Can he still stay with you?

If your dog is people aggressive and we cannot approach him, we cannot properly care for him, so he could not stay with us.  However, if your dog gets along with people and just doesn’t get along with other dogs, we can accommodate your dog and provide Personal Play times in lieu of group play.

Each dog is treated as an individual – we determine how to best accommodate each guest with the health, safety and happiness of everyone in mind.

Requirements for Cats

What vaccines are needed before my cat can stay or visit Paradise 4 Paws?

Rabies (one or three year protocol); Feline Distemper combination (FVRCP) (one or three year protocol); Feline Leukemia (only for cats allowed outdoors); and a negative fecal test (annually for indoor cats, every six months if cat is allowed outdoors). We ask that you have your vet fax us the proof of the vaccines and negative fecal test, or we can call them for you to request a copy. We also require all our guests to be on flea/tick preventative year round.

My cat is an indoor only pet. Does he/she still have to be on flea and tick preventative?

Yes! Cats must have a flea/tick preventative applied within 30 days of their stay at Paradise 4 Paws for their own protection.

Pricing Terms and Package/Membership Expirations

What are the terms and policies for Packages?

Daycare & Boarding PACKAGES are intended to offer a promotional price for frequent guests within a 90-day period

  • Prices may change without notice
  • Packages are assigned to a specific pet and are not intended to be shared
  • No Package refunds after 30 days from date of purchase and Packages are not transferable.
  • For package refunds within 30 days, nights or days used will be charged at single day or night (depending on the package purchased) at non-promotional rates and deducted from the purchase price.
  • Package expires 90-days from the date of purchase or from the date the first package day/night is applied, whichever is earlier and unused days will be forfeited.
  • You will have the option of a one-time, 30-day extension allowed per package within 30 days from the date your package expired, but there will be a $30 processing fee. Package extensions are not available if it is more than 30 days beyond the date of expiration.
  • If you are buying multiple Packages, please consider the number of days/nights you can realistically use in the 90-day period. A signed acknowledgement is required. Refund terms still apply.
  • Reservations required and based on availability.
  • Daycare package days can be used as payment for a day of daycare or as payment for boarding late check out fees.
  • Promotional, corporate or other partner discounts are not always the same for packages. Discounts on packages may be lower since package pricing is already promotional/ discounted pricing.
  • Packages for additional dogs should only be used when multiple dogs are utilizing the package on the same day/night.
  • Boarding packages cannot be used during holiday blackout periods. Holiday periods are some of our busiest times and discounts do not apply.
  • Daycare packages used during holiday blackout periods may be subject to a $5/day holiday upcharge.
  • Boarding packages not available in all markets.
What are the terms and policies for the Unlimited Monthly Members?

Our Unlimited Monthly MEMBERSHIPS are like gym memberships, providing you everyday access to daycare. Like most gym memberships, it’s intended to renew every 30 days―or every month. The benefits for all Unlimited Monthly Members with an active membership include: everyday access to daycare, discounted boarding and guaranteed daycare space during holiday blackout periods (reservation required).

Our Unlimited Monthly Memberships offer flexibility and convenience, depending on the option you prefer. The Month-to-Month Unlimited Monthly Membership is a month-to-month option that allows you to start and stop your membership months, or take a break as needed, with a small) upcharge. The Auto-Renew Unlimited Monthly Membership is based on a calendar month, and renews every month, on the same day – AUTOMATICALLY!  Members who select the Auto-Renew option will enjoy a $30 savings off the Month-to-Month price on your second month and beyond. A credit card on file is required for the Auto-Renew membership.

  • Prices may change without notice
  • Memberships are assigned to a specific pet and are not intended to be shared
  • No Monthly Membership refunds after 10 days from date of purchase and Monthly Memberships are not transferable. For Monthly Membership refunds within 10 days, days used will be charged at the full day non-promotional rate and deducted from the purchase price.
  • The start date of the Monthly Membership is based on the date of purchase or from the date the first day is applied, whichever is earlier. The Month-to-Month option is active for a 30-day period and is intended to allow you to take time off between membership months, not to turn on and off within your 30-day membership period. The Auto-Renew option is active during a calendar month. When the Auto-Renew option is originally purchased on the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month, on months when the date doesn’t exist, it will renew on the last calendar day of the month.
  • Unlimited Monthly Members selecting the Auto-Renew option will need to have a credit card on file and will automatically renew at the expiration, unless canceled at least 3 days prior to the renewal date.
  • Unlimited Monthly Members choosing to transfer from a Month-to-Month to the Auto-Renew option will need to add a credit card to their file and should notify your Pawcierge at least 3 days before the membership expiration so it can be transitioned without interruption and enjoy the $30 monthly savings.
  • If you would like to take time off from your Auto-Renew Unlimited Monthly Membership, your first month back will be at the Month-to-Month price, but if you select the Auto-Renew option your second month and beyond will be at the discounted rate if it continues to auto-renew on a consecutive monthly basis.
  • Additional promotional rates or discounts may not apply, since membership pricing is already discounted.
  • Memberships for additional dogs can only be used when multiple dogs are utilizing the membership on the same day.
  • Discounted boarding only applies during an active membership (rates vary by location).
  • All Unlimited Monthly Members enjoy guaranteed daycare during holiday blackout periods (reservation required) and +$5 holiday upcharge applies.
What are the terms and policies for boarding reservations that are longer than 10 days?
  • We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking.
  • We require that Pet Parents must have a valid credit card on file.
  • After the halfway point, we will charge the credit card on file weekly. Any applicable remaining balance will be due upon checkout.
  • Note that the deposit is fully refundable, unless dates of a reservation fall within our holiday/blackout period. In this case, the portion of the deposit that covers the holiday/blackout period follows our holiday deposit policy, and is only refundable if the reservation is canceled prior to fourteen (14) days before the reservation start date and time. If the reservation is canceled within fourteen (14) days of the holiday dates within the extended reservation, the 25% holiday deposit is non-refundable and the portion of the extended stay deposit that is greater than the 25% holiday deposit will be refunded.